Electricity market operation leaders

Representation and management

At Wind to Market we provide representation and management services to Renewables, Cogeneration and Waste (RCW) facilities and to independent electricity market retailers, we market guarantees of origin to certify the renewables supply to consumers both at home and across Europe, and we provide compliance industries with access to buy and sell CO2 at wholesale market prices.

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About us

Wind to Market (W2M) is an electricity market management and representation company and our mission is to provide value to each of our customers. Wind to Market is a best-in-class provider of electricity market operation results.

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Specialist management

Wind to Market’s service guarantees best value for producers through specialist management focussed on improving the financial result via imbalance cost savings, improved energy sale price and the best results in marketing guarantees of origin (GOs) and buying and selling CO2, with the exclusive involvement of professional experts.

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Market information

If you wish to find out how the electricity market works and keep abreast of all electricity sector news, read our electricity retailer AEQ’s blog.