Corporate social responsibility

At Wind to Market, as in all other CIMD Group companies, we carry out activities designed to assist the most disadvantaged and to promote environmental sustainability through various schemes and actions.

Solidarity Day

For 15 years now, once a year all CIMD Group companies allocate a day’s turnover to charities and trusts in Spain and Portugal. During these years, more than MEUR 3.8 have been allocated to 195 projects dedicated to children and research.

During CIMD Group’s last Solidarity Day, all the Group companies together raised €301,323, which were donated in full to the following child welfare trusts:

CRIS Cancer Foundation, Dravet Syndrome Foundation, Ana Carolina Díez Mahou Foundation, INTHEOS Foundation, ASION, the Community of Madrid’s Children’s Oncology Association, AESLEME Foundation, Santiago Masarnau Social Integration Centre, of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, EOF Association, PRODIS Foundation, Social Action for Music, BALIA Foundation, On Wheels Foundation, Antares Foundation, Talita Foundation, LUKAS Foundation, Down Syndrome Madrid Foundation, Menudos Corazones Foundation (children), Junior Achievement Spain Foundation, Theodora Foundation, Ecomar Foundation.


Christmas toys campaign

We have for 11 years now engaged in charitable work in the Christmas season, on the initiative of one of our employees. Through the group’s HR department, all employees are asked every year at Christmas to help collect toys for distribution among various child welfare institutions in Madrid. Thanks to all our joint efforts, more than 150 toys were collected and handed to children aged between 2 and 14.

Voluntary offsetting of emissions

The emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) is causing major changes to our planet’s climate, mainly as a result of the use of fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal, the breakdown of urban and animal waste, and deforestation.

For 10 years now, CIMD Group has voluntarily offset indirect emissions of greenhouse gases generated by Group companies and their employees in going about their duties, resulting from the usage of electricity and paper in offices, transport to and from the office and business travel.

Wind to Market takes responsibility for calculating the CO2 emissions generated every year, which amounted to some 800 tCO²e in the year 2019. In order to offset these emissions, an equivalent quantity of voluntary emission credits was bought and cancelled from a project whose emission reductions were verified by authorised independent entities.

This time, the 800 VERs were purchased from the “Liucheng Biomass Power Generation” project.

The programme uses biomass residues to effectively promote a recycling economy, and controls safe burning of mulberry and sugarcane leaf, protecting the environment. The project additionally increases the supply of local energy and speeds up economic progress, displacing part of the electricity generated in the Chinese energy mix, which is dominated by fossil fuel power plants, reducing air pollution and decreasing CO2, SO2 and NOX emissions.

In addition, the project promotes local employment, creating many opportunities during both the building and the operating period, with more than 100 jobs.