CO2 emission allowances and voluntary certificates

Buying and selling CO2 emission allowances

Wind to Market is present in the emissions market since 2007. We specialise in managing transactions to buy and sell emission allowances for industrial plants affected by the emission allowance trading Directive. Since 2012, our experience and knowledge is also at the service of aircraft operators included in the scheme.

Our EU emission trading scheme services for both fixed installations (industry) and for the aviation sector include:

  • Transactions to buy and sell European Emission allowances (EUA).
  • Transactions to buy and sell certified Emission Reduction Certificates (CER) under the UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

Voluntary Market

Wind to Market also deals with marketing voluntary emissions reduction credits (VER) through our network of developers of voluntary projects.

We provide access to credits from projects in all five continents, various methodologies (wind, hydro, biomass, geothermal…), standards (VCS, Gold Standard, etc.), and major financial and social benefits for communities in which the project is carried out.

Our voluntary market services for companies of every description interested in greenhouse gas reduction include:

  • Search for VER buyers/sellers.
  • Negotiating VERPA (Verified Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement) terms.
  • Markit electronic registry formalities: project registration, transfer and withdrawal of credits, issue of VER withdrawal certificates.