Control centre

Control Centre and Remote Metering

Control centre

Wind to Market has a control centre connected to REE in order to provide electricity producers and electrical substations with the System Operator’s required service.

  • Technology and technical expertise at the Wind to Market control centre ensure the highest degree of integration for any communication protocol from the generation plants or substations.
  • In the absence of access to fibre or DSL, Wind to Market is able to provide alternative communication from the generation plants to the control centre.
  • The control centre service provides alerts and real-time monitoring via the control centre website.
  • The Wind to Market control centre monitors generation plant remote metering quality to comply with the required regulatory standards.
  • The control centre also provides each customer with a tailored electrical substation monitoring and control service.

Monitoring production

At Wind to Market the renewable Control Centre and Remote Metering service does not focus on regulatory compliance only but is in addition aptly used to improve renewables producers’ generation result and forecasts, and for real-time monitoring of production at all installations, assisting in their operation.

At Wind to Market we provide services meeting all the System Operator’s and the distributing companies’ requirements, thereby to avoid interference with the quality of the metering data used to settle energy sales. The service provided is efficient and totally secure.